Indoor Cycling

Whether you want to get in a specific ergo session, get fit or improve your cycling skills and technique, our indoor studio will suit you.

Quick Checklist

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Bring with you:

  • shoes

  • clothing

  • water

  • a towel 

Book in a power test so you are training at the correct levels.


The benefits of our indoor training


Indoor cycling training is a great option whatever your goal might be - whether it's specific training for an event or race or improving your cycling technique and power, general fitness or losing weight.  The programs are structured so you work to your own personal power threshold. This means that every program will cater specifically to you and your individual ability. An indoor cycling session is not only a great inclusion in a specific program as it compliments training sessions outdoors and will assist in improving pedalling technique, but also a great option for when outdoor conditions are difficult (wet, dark, hot) or for when you simply don't have much time but still want to fit in a really worthwhile training session.

The Bikes


We use Wattbikes in our studio

These bikes are the same as are used by many pro cyclists and Australian institutes and they give a realistic ride sensation of being on the road. The Wattbikes monitor everything you need to know about your cycling: power, cadence, pedal stroke, heart rate and pedalling efficiency enabling each training session to be tailored exactly to your ability and goals.


Record your session

Want to record your training data? Bring in a USB stick or compatible Garmin (or most ANT+ compatible devices) and we can show you how. Record your session to Strava, Garmin Connect or Training Peaks for example.


There is a choice of either a Pro or Trainer model of bike

We would recommend the Trainer if it is your first time or you are looking for a more of a higher cadence style of work out and the Pro for a more strength based session or higher power levels. We can discuss with you your goals and steer you towards the best option for you.


How long does a session run for and when should I arrive?


Each session is including warm up is 45 minutes. Once you have booked your bike online make sure that you are set up and ready to go and if you need a hand with bike set-up (pedals, saddle selection etc) ask one of the staff and we can sort this out for you.

What do I need?


– Our bikes are compatible with the most common pedal systems available. Look KeO, Shimano SPD SL and Shimano SPD pedal systems. Toe clips are also an option so you can wear your sneakers if you don't own cycling shoes.


– We recommend wearing cycling knicks if you have them just from a comfort point of view but they are not essential. General fitness gear is fine. We do have some gel saddle covers for further softness.


– You will sweat! So aim to arrive for your session well hydrated and bring a water bottle. Every bike has a bottle cage attached and we recommend you keep your hydration levels up before, during and after training.


– Bring a towel for use during the class and a second towel if you plan on showering after the class.


How do I book a session?


Click on the online booking button of this website (top right of every page) and follow the prompts. Or click here.

Are there shower facilities?

Yes there are! Get yourself cleaned up and ready to conquer the world after your session. Be sure to bring your own towel.

How much does an indoor cycling session cost?


A 1 hour session on one of our Wattbikes is $15. If you are unsure of what power level you should be using, contact the store to book in a coached ramp test to work out your maximum minute power to be utilise our programs.

Maximum minute power ramp test


1 Hour indoor session


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